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Rat Invasion

You hated rats since you were a little kid. And now this disgusting creatures are taking
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15 October 2008

Editor's review

Rats - now that’s a species that very few people can tolerate to have as unwanted guests in their households. No matter where you go in the world, people hate them! Of course there might be a few kind hearted PETA activists, who have a soft corner somewhere in their hearts for these creepy creatures-- but then, exceptions can not be termed as examples. So, if you also happen to be someone who can not stand rats at all, get yourself a copy of Rat Invasion 2.0 - a game that gives you the chance to take out all your piled up anger against rats in a virtual environment.

Rat Invasion 2.0, upon being launched, opens with a pretty basic, yet attractive and feel-good interface. The graphics can not be termed as one of the greatest, but for a game that comes with an installer, sized just over 1.6 MB, the overall visual experience is pretty decent. The game is basically pretty simple- both in terms of game play, as well as plot-wise. The story goes like this- the main character in the game, (i.e. you) absolutely hates rates. And to his horror, one fine day these creepy little creatures start taking over the entire planet. Luckily, you already knew that something of that sort was going to happen, and hence you already prepared yourself for such a situation. Your character is provided with a gun and a box of ammo - the goal is simple - keep on shooting at the wicked rats one by one until the last of them is eliminated.

Overall, such is the level of enjoyment one could find in the game, that almost anyone (even though most hardcore PETA activists) can get addicted to Rat Invasion 2.0. Now, no once could leave his/her home planet to be ruled by a flock of rats, can they? It gets a score of four-and-a-half rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

You hated rats since you were a little kid. And now this disgusting creatures are taking over the world. Luckily you were prepared for something like this to happened. You have your gun an box of ammo besides you. Now reload your gun get ready to shoot some rats one by one until the last one is killed. You can´t allow rats to take over the world can you? Play and enjoy this great shooting game for free!
Rat Invasion
Rat Invasion
Version 2.0
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